Flax seed & Sesame seed laddu


  1. Flax seeds – 3 tb spoon
  2. Black sesame seeds – 3 tbspoon
  3. White sesame seeds – 3 tb spoon ( you may use only one type also, instead of both )
  4. desiccated coconut – 2 tb spoon
  5. Multigrain oats – 100 gms
  6. Multi grain wheat powder – 100 grams
  7. Jaggery – 200 gms
  8. 3 tbsp water
  9. Ghee – 2 tsp
  10. Salt – a pinch. 


Preparing jaggery syrup

  1. In a pan take 3 tb spoon of water add jaggery, keep on the low flame, stirring occasionally, the jaggery starts to dissolve. Simmer this jiggery + water solution. it will start bubbling. Off the fire.

Making ladoos.

  1. Heat a pan, add flax seeds, keep on low flame and heat for 10 minutes, keep stirring. Remove from fire and keep aside.
  2. Repeat the same with sesame seeds (both black & white) keep aside.
  3. In the same pan heat wheat flour, on low flame for 10 minutes with 2 tsp of ghee, add oats, desiccated coconut, keep stirring, add all the fried seeds ( instructions 1&2) , a pinch of salt, mix well.
  4. Keep on the same low flame, add jaggery syrup, and mix the dry roasted mixture with the jaggery solution very well. Mix well. Off the fire. (if it is more wet you may add some more oats directly to make it dry)
  5. Wait for a few minutes, spread some ghee in your palms, when the mixture is still hot, begin to form ladoos from it. Scoop the required quantity of the mixture, then just shape the ladoos once you scoop them out. ( If the mixture is cold, it becomes difficult to shape the ladoo).
  6. Make all the  ladoos this way.

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