About me!

Hi friends, I’m delighted that you’ve taken the time to visit Cumin and cloves!

image001.pngI’m Bindu from a beautiful slice of land on the south west coast of India. I’ve done my master’s degree in Zoology and currently pursuing my career as a Junior college teacher in Mumbai.  I enjoy reading, painting, cooking and surfing the net. I have been successful at raising a family.

I owe my cooking skills to my mother. She used to make delicious dishes in her own style. I always loved the aroma of tasty food and enjoyed being around my mother whenever she makes something “special’, but I’d seldom experimented with cooking during my younger age.

Only after getting married, did I manage to explore into new flavors. Living in Dubai exposed me to come across different types of food from different cultures.  I started to experiment with different ingredients every now and then.  My husband used to appreciate my dishes and always encouraged me to write cookery book, but I was busy raising my children and in my professional life at that timeimage002.png

Now in Mumbai, my colleagues ask me for recipes of dishes that I’ve shared with them, but I’d never be able to recall the correct procedure and the precise measurement of the ingredients. It was just as difficult for me to make the same dish myself to achieve the same taste again. My children have had to start cooking by themselves in the university, and to help them in cooking, I have decided to note down some of my recipes. My son helped me with the entire layout of my cooking blog  ‘Cumin and Cloves‘ and I started posting my recipes.

My intention is to share the best recipes that I have tried and tested in my kitchen. I’ve posted step-by-step picture to give you a clear idea so that you can attempt them as well! Please try my recipes & share your comments and suggestions to keep me motivated, to post more.





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  1. Nice to read about you Mam. I often wonder you have a Midas touch in whatever you do-whether it be teaching, cooking or raising your kids. All the very best and keep up this good spirit in you.


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